Meet Angelique Chacón

I began taking photographs with an instamatic film camera when I was 9 years old. My inspiration was my Grandmother Olive. She always had a camera with her and was constantly documenting family events and family members. Olive had a Rolleiflex camera that was not put up to the eye for framing, but viewed by looking down into a box to see the image to be shot.  It was from that time on that I took a great interest in photography.

While growing up my photographs focused mainly on animals and landscape scenes. Living in the Southwest provided incredible landscapes to choose from. I am a person who really loves color and at some point began shooting flowers in Macro form. I would spend hours inspecting the insides of all varieties of flowers examining their delicate and intricate structures. When I am shooting photographs in Macro form I try to get as close to the inside of a flower as possible. My goal for the viewer is for them to perceive my images of the flower as an abstract art form. I find that getting right into the heart of a flower expresses a beauty not otherwise seen. Macro photography of flowers, for example, captures for the viewer both the grandeur and the complexity of a simple flower, rich in color, structure and texture.

My interests were nurtured by those around me, through their own artistic endeavors. My Step-Father is a fine art painter and most of his work is abstract. I grew to really love his abstract art and have found my own way of presenting abstract images through my Macro photography. We would regularly attend art shows and it was illuminating to see the many different forms of abstract expression whether via sculpture, painting, woodcuts, etc. My Dad is also a photographer. I believe his interest in photography stemmed from his mother, my Grandmother Olive. My Dad’s photography interests focus mainly on animals and nature scenes. It was wonderful to have been raised in such a creative environment.

My “vision” as an artist is to bring to you the natural occurrences as I saw them. Each of my photographs is a graphic presentation of my vision.